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Policy and decision makers are entities operating at different administrative levels and dealing with legislative and executive practices. They need policies and recommendations for the involvement of people in disaster management operations and procedures on the use of social media and crowdsourcing 


including citizens handbook

Policy and decision makers can use it to uptake the recommendations and policies and to promote an inclusive and engaging communication for disaster management guaranteering an efficace communication to everyone

feel safe

Policy and decision makers can use it to promote more child centered policies to guarantee children’s rights during emergencies. Also, they can use Feel Safe for networking and sharing of good practices.

resilience wheel

Policy and decision makers can use it as a vocabulary for making decisions for national and local level policies, which are integrated with existing guidelines, legal frameworks and policies

social media and crowdsourcing technology library

It provides a highly needed overview about the market, gathers and structures the relevant information about these technologies and thus guides the selection of a suitable technology for authorities.

social media and crowdsourcing guideline library

Policy and decision makers can use it to know the guidelines on the use of social media and crowdsourcing to make more informed decisions

links framework

Policy and decision makers  can access to specific products (e.g. guidelines library) to explore existing legal documents that support the implementation and the uses of social media and crowd sourcing

links community center

The LINKS Community Center provides tailored access to the relevant resources on the usage of SMCS in disasters. It can also be used to establish contacts with the relevant stakeholders, i.e. practitioners.

Links Project