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Ethics Outputs

One of the aims of the LINKS project is to guarantee that Ethics is adequately addressed and consistently monitored. Moreover, principles such as inclusion, respect, diversity have been ensured.

Inclusion refers to the practice of involving all individuals and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities and access to resources. This means that the consortium respected and recognized the value of every individual involved in the project, appreciated differences between individuals, and treated them with dignity.

Diversity refers to the variety of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and resources of the people involved in the project.

At the same time, the privacy of all individuals involved in the project is respected, by safeguarding personal and sensitive information and treating it confidentially. For these reasons, some Ethics outputs have been created within the project with the aim to guarantee and disseminate this information. 

The outputs are:

  • The Diversity Awareness Strategy, to explain how the “diversity” aspects have been addressed in the project.
  • The Pocket Guidelines, providing suggestions, examples and materials on how to work in an environment which follows the ethics rules.
  • Information sheets to guarantee ethics in the research activities.

Ethics outputs are available for download from the following menu.

Visual representation of the guidelines for ethics, as it can be found in the downloadable output
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