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Next events and activities in LINKS

What will we do in the coming months? Below, a list of project activities and events during which LINKS will be presented.

  • 19 January 2021: LAC – LINKS Advisory Committee, a meeting with invited advisors from different organisations in order to integrate the experts point of view.

4 February 2021 at 9.00: DRS01 Cluster Mini-Conference, a joint conference among the BuildERS, ENGAGE, and RESILOC projects partners to share ideas, results, lessons learned and progress on the topics of disaster resilient societies. More information here. 

February 2021: Vision Workshop, an internal meeting which intends to discuss the high level methodological aspects of the project.

March 2021: Link Campus for LINKS, presentation of the results of the a work carried out by the students of Link Campus University on the topics of the project.

March 2021: Combination of knowledge Workshop, an internal meeting which intends to combine theoretical  knowledge (from knowledge bases deliverables) and practical one (from the practitioners).

19–30 April 2021: EGU General Assembly 2021– Organisation of the session “The role of Social Media and Crowdsourcing in Disaster Risk Management and Resilience”. More information here.

For updates on these and other events, as well as on project activities, check the LINKS website and the LINKS Facebook, Twitter,and LinkedIn pages.


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